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Peace Corps 50 Years - National Celebration in 2011

"A legacy of service at home and abroad (1961-2011)"

In 2011 Peace Corps celebrated its 50th anniversary. To commemorate these 50 years of service and honor the individuals who have dedicated themselves to promoting the organization's mission of world peace and friendship, the Peace Corps organized events and exhibitions in cities across the U.S. and in each country where Peace Corps currently serves. Our local RPCV group coordinated special events to celebrate the achievements of the past 50 years as we embark on the next 50.

History of the Peace Corps 

Peace Corps John F Kennedy.png
President Kennedy greets the very first Peace Corps volunteers in August, 1962.

Remarks of Senator John F. Kennedy, University of Michigan, October 14, 1960 »

Statement Upon Signing Order Establishing the Peace Corps, March 1, 1961 »

American Idealist Video - Shriver's leadership of the Peace Corps

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