Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawaii

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawaii Activities, 2011

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RPCVHI Holiday Party and Fundraiser


Soul de Cuba
Sunday, Dec 18, 2011


Peace Corps Anniversary 
Hilo, Hawaii,  Nov 18-21, 2011


John F. Kennedy Memorial Re-dedication
at University of Hawaii, Hilo
"Big Island Video News" story

Peace Corps Photo Exhibit

50th Anniversary Banquet
and potlucks

Preview of PC Training Video

Tour of former Training Sites in
 Hilo and along Hamakua Coast

Waipio Valley Tour
Mahalo nui loa to Chairman, Bill Sakovich,
co-chairman, Mike Malinowski, and
 their organizing committee in Hilo, HI.


Peace Corps: 50th Anniversary of Service Abroad
and Republic of Korea Photo Exhibit More
Honolulu Hale, 530 South King St., Honolulu, HI 96813
September 6 - 23, 2011; Reception Sep 13, 2011


RPCV Hawaii Annual Picnic BBQ - Potluck
Ft DeRussy Beach Park, Aug 28, 2011


Hawaii State Legislature honors Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

Hawaii State Representatives, Mark Nakashima (Hamakua District, pictured) and
Gene Ward (Hawaii Kai District), present a certificate to Kiyoshi Hamakawa, Corie Tanida,
Mary Matayoshi, Phil Olsen, & Kimberly Biggs (RPCVHI President).

Hawaii State Representatives, Mark Nakashima (Hamakua District, pictured) and
Gene Ward (Hawaii Kai District) congratulating former PCVs and Trainers.

Hawaii State Legislature recognizes Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

First Director of the Peace Corps

Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr., 1915 - 2011

Seeking to harness the energy and enthusiasm of America's youth, John F. Kennedy called for the
creation of a Peace Corps -- an organization of young ambassadors who, by serving those in need
around the world, would demonstrate the values that made the U.S. a good neighbor and trustworthy friend. To lead the charge, he called on Sargent Shriver.

Even before the newly elected President was inaugurated, Shriver had completed a feasibility study,
and charted out a plan for an immediate launch of the new program. A call was sent out to college students around America, who responded with unprecedented fervor. "We received more letters to
work for the Peace Corps, which did not then exist, than for all other existing agencies," said Shriver.

With his customary idealism, enthusiasm, and motivational skills, Shriver seemed to bring the Peace Corps to life overnight. He
found funding in existing State Department budgets and recruited volunteers by the hundreds -- and Shriver had a Peace Corps
in the field well before Congress finally voted to establish and fund the agency in September of 1961. Since its historic birth
50 years ago, Peace Corps has placed more than 200,000 volunteers in the field in 139 countries. Volunteers range in age from
18 to 86, representing all 50 states, with diverse backgrounds and motivations.

The one thing they all share: The same energy and commitment exemplified by Sargent Shriver when President Kennedy challenged him to bring the Peace Corps from idealistic vision to effective reality. See "American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver."


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