Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawaii
New Host families needed immediately for our AFS high school exchange students
The host family was an Air Force Major who was transferred in December.  Thus we have to find  new host families for them.  We are in great need right now for both temporary holiday family and for a place for them to stay in Hawaii until school year ends in June.

Both kids also need a loving family from December 26 to first week of January. Please contact people who you think would like to host an exchange student in your family or network with this great opportunity to bring the world home.

Alejandro is from Patagonia in Southern Chile.  He enjoys everything about his stay in Hawaii.  He is very friendly and talkative and loves to hike, play basketball, and do boxing.  He has always been interested in the Navy and he fixes computers!

Max is from Austria, he is a very successful student with interest in Biology and Physics and is taking AP classes.  He is also an athlete with skills in soccer, sailing, golf and snow skiing, and he plays classical piano.  He is polite and outgoing.  Everything interests him, especially outdoors activities, medicine and sharing about his culture.

Any potential host family for these exchange students PLEASE CALL ONE OF OUR local volunteer AFS Hawaii representatives IMMEDIATELY:  WE NEED BOTH SHORT TERM DURING THE HOLIDAY BREAK, AND LONG TERM PLACEMENTS IMMEDIATELY.

Leon Watson 808 428-0506. Kathy Tran  808 271-3209,   Sue Bixler  808 223-5530

AFS website - - has basic information and forms for a host family inquiry.
All host families need to be screened. Go to the AFS website;   for all the basic information, and to fill out a host family inquiry.  These students are hanai style and live with you as your own son or daughter.  AFS students are J-1 visa cultural exchange visitors under State Department facilitation.  They do not pay for their accommodation or food.  They come with their own medical insurance and spending money for personal expenses.


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