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aloha.jpgThe Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawaii (RPCVHI) launched the ALOHA Grant through the Peace Corps Partnership Program in 2008. The Peace Corps' Partnership Program provides funding for community-initiated projects being overseen by our volunteers serving around the world. Since its inception in 1964, the Partnership Program has assisted thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers, in every Peace Corps country, in order to benefit the health and well-being of their host communities. Since 2008, RPCVHI has awarded $750 in grants.

Elligibility: Who Can Apply?
Peace Corps Volunteers that have been serving more than 3 months, preference is given to state residents of Hawai`i.

Award Amount: How Much Can a PCV Receive?

Variable. Generally, small grants up to $250.

Application Deadline: When Do I Apply?
There is no deadline, applications may be submitted at any time.

Application Process: How Do I Apply?
Step 1: Review the Peace Corps Small Grants Program Volunteer Handbook and the Peace Corps Grants Online Guide for Peace Corps volunteers

Small Grants Volunteer Handbook  Grants Online Guide

Step 2: Follow the instructions in the guide to complete the application online or in paper form

Step 3: List our local group (RPCVHI) as the Referral

Step 4: Contact RPCVHI and let us know you have submitted a proposal to the Peace Corps.

For more information on Peace Corps Small Grants Program, please visit

For more information on RPCVHI Aloha Grant, please contact Amy Thompson, RPCVHI Outreach Coordinator, at

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