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Our Commitment to Service 

The goal of the RPCVHI Board of Directors is to deliver value to Hawaii RPCVs. One of the most important things we do is to bring returned PCVs together, in a variety of settings, to meet one another, network, make new friends, and learn about how to get involved in our activities and in the community. The Board encourages you to give us feedback, suggest ideas and otherwise become involved in current and future activities

Serving on the Board is a great way to develop a network of friends who share common values and experiences. While it requires a serious commitment of time, it also enables you to put your passion for volunteer service to good ends. An orientation workshop is offered shortly after the Annual Meeting, providing time for new and continuing Board members to get to know one another, identify and prioritize organizational goals and activities for the coming year, and to have some fun. Monthly board meetings enable members to work progressively toward organizational goals, plan for and effectively put on the various activities, and build strong friendships while working on projects and activities together. Each position is elected annually, and Board members are expected to serve for 2 years, beginning in January. When a Board vacancy occurs, current Board members may invite organization members to fill the position/s until the next Annual Meeting when elections will be held.

Descriptions of Officer and Board member positions can be found in the "By Laws" in this section of the website.

RPCVHI accepts nominations beginning in the Fall, and at the Annual Meeting. Until then, if you wish to be involved in planning or implementing any upcoming activities, please get in touch with a current board member in your area of interest.


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2015 Board of Directors

 President  Rosemary Casey                   N. Mariana Islands, 1969-71     
 Vice President  Jennifer Rachels  Romania, 2000-02
 Secretary  Allie Pyan  Zambia, 2010-12
 Treasurer  Caroline Mackenzie           Ukraine, 2010-12
 Web Master, Events Co-Chair                       Ronne Partoriza  Tonga, 2013-14
 Events Co-Chair  Anna Alden  South Africa, 2010-11
 Outreach Coordinator  Amy Thompson  Madagascar, 2006-08
 Membership Chair  Blake Porter  Tonga, 2006-09
 Board Member                        Jean Thoulag  Micronesia, 1977-79

U.H. Campus Peace Corps Representative:
 Grace MacGruder, Cape Verde & Togo 2011-13  

2014 Board of Directors

 President  Rosemary Casey                    N. Mariana Islands, 1969-71     
 Vice President / Membership Chair  Blake Porter  Tonga, 2006-09
 Secretary  Allie Pyan  Zambia, 2010-12
 Treasurer  Caroline Mackenzie           Ukraine, 2010-12
 Web Master, Social Media Coordinator          Ronne Partoriza  Tonga, 2013-14
 Events Coordinator  Jean Thoulag  Micronesia, Yap, 1977-79
 Outreach Coordinator  Sena Pierce  Tonga, 2006-09
 Board Member  Anna Alden  South Africa, 2010-11
 Board Member  Amy Thompson  Madagascar, 2006-08

U.H. Campus Peace Corps Representative: Samantha WestPhilippines, 2009-11          

2013 Board of Directors

 President  Rosemary Casey                   N. Mariana Islands, 1969-71     
 Vice President / Membership Chair  Paul Gauci  Thailand, 2009-11
 Secretary  Rebecca Young  Belize, 2007-09
 Co-Treasurer  James Cogwell  Philippines, 1987-89
 Co-Treasurer  Vincent Cleveland  Armenia, 2009-11
 Web Master  Linda Chock  N. Mariana Islands, 1966-68
 Events Coordinator  Mahri Swan  Morocco, 2007-09
 Board Member  Lisa Stevens  Burkina Faso, 2006-08
 Board Member  Sena Pierce  Tonga, 2004-07

U.H. Campus Peace Corps Representative: Samantha West,  Philippines, 2009-11

2012 Board of Directors

 President  Rosemary Casey                   N. Mariana Islands, 1969-71     
 Vice President / Membership Chair  Paul Gauci  Thailand, 2009-11
 Secretary  Barbara Trecker  Ukraine, 2009-11
 Treasurer  James Cogwell  Philippines, 1987-89
 Web Master  Linda Chock  N. Mariana Islands, 1966-68
 Events Coordinator  Mahri Swan  Morocco, 2007-09

U.H. Campus Peace Corps Representative: Sena Pierce, Tonga, 2004-07

2011 Board of Directors

 President   Kimberly Biggs  Honduras, 1986-88
 Vice President  David Newstead  Togo, 2007-09
 Secretary  Alexander Kuch  Romania, 2007-10
 Treasurer  Corie Tanida  El Salvador, 2008-10
 Events Coordinator  Rosemary Casey  N. Mariana Islands, 1969-71
 Web Master  Linda Chock  N. Mariana Islands, 1966-68
 Board Member  Gene Ward  Malaysia, East Timor (Country Dir)
 Board Member  Don Romero  Philippines, 1967-70
 Membership Chair  Willis Moore  Bolivia, 1962-64
 Honolulu AIDS Walk Coordinator  Jessica Garlock-Tuialii     Samoa, 2000-03

U.H. Campus Peace Corps Representative: Sena Pierce, Tonga, 2004-07

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RPCVHI Past Presidents

 Kimberly Biggs  Honduras, 1986-88
 Doug Long  Swaziland, 1990-92;  Lesotho, 2003-05
 Adam Liss  Samoa, 1987-89
 Nancy Heinrich                  Liberia, 1977-79
 Doris Young  Tunisia, 1977-79

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Rosemary Casey (Northern Marianas, 1969-71)

Dr. Rosemary Casey served as an ESL and Home Economics teacher on the small island of Rota, in the Northern Mariana Islands, from 1969-71. She later worked with Peace Corps as a training contractor, and then as Associate Peace Corps Director, Program and Training Officer, with Peace Corps Micronesia. After 18 years at UH, she retired in April 2011, though she continues to support international education activities for students of all ages. She is currently President of RPCVHI and coordinates the annual calendar sales and securing Returned PCVs to help with Hawaii Public Radio semi-annual fundraiser phone banks. 

Blake Porter (Tonga, 2006-09)
Blake Porter and his wife served for 3 years as Education Volunteers in the Peace Corps in the Kingdom of Tonga from 2006-09.  He was born in New England, and has lived in 9 different US states and 3 foreign countries, and also visited 19 other states and 6 other countries.  He has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, loves to sing, to work with his hands, and to be helpful.  He and his wife now enjoy living in Honolulu.


Allie Pyan (Zambia, 2009-11)
Allie Pyan served as a Community Health Volunteer in Zambia from 2009-2011. Most of her work involved HIV/AIDS education, testing, and working with a local support group.  Allie also helped organize Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) that brought together 30 students, 15 teachers, and 13 PCVs.  After serving in the Peace Corps, she received her Masters Degree in Public Health from Emory University.  Allie recently moved to Hawai'i to accept a fellowship with Hawaii Department of Health and CDC. In her spare time she has been enjoying exploring her new home. 

Caroline Mackenzie (Ukraine, 2010-2012)
Caroline Mackenzie served with the Association for Young Disabled Adults in the Eastern Donbass Region of Ukraine. Her primary focus was showing Ukrainian organizations how Americans with special needs live a normal life: go to school, have a job, etc. Her secondary project was a cooking club with friends in Lugansk, Ukraine. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison a long time ago - before the SDS blew up the Math building! Prior to retiring in Hawaii, Caroline has had her own businesses, worked for the US State department in Singapore, was membership director for the San Diego Museum of Art, the girls tennis coach at The Antwerp International School in Antwerp, Belgium, and a federal grant writer at the Moores UCSD Cancer Center and the City of Hope.  She enjoys her family, friends, house projects, gardening, tennis, walking, the beach, reading, needlepoint, cooking, the arts, and music.

Web Master, Events Co-Chair
Ronne Partoriza (Tonga, 2013-14)
Ronne Partoriza served as a Primary English Educator in the main island of Tonga.  She also worked on several secondary projects, one she feels most proud of is the library she developed--the first and only library in her school and village. Ronne is a University of Hawai'i Manoa alumna. She was born in Quezon City, Philippines. Prior to serving in the Peace Corps, she worked as an At-risk Youth Counselor, early childhood educator in Texas, and Bank Secrecy Act and Compliance Specialist in Honolulu. Ronne is a regular volunteer at the Honolulu Museum of Arts. She loves the arts, music, and literature. More recently, she is the volunteer services coordinator for the American Red Cross - Hawaii State Chapter. 

Board Member
Jean Thoulag 
(Ulithi Atoll, Yap, Micronesia 1977-79) 
Jean served as an elementary and  high school ESL teacher from 1977-1979 on Faderay and Falalop in Ulithi Atoll in the outer islands of Yap,  Micronesia.  Her secondary project was library development. Following her Peace Corps service, she remained in Micronesia for 35 years enjoying a career in teaching, educational administration, and libraries while also raising a family with her late husband, Bernard.  More recently she completed a master degree  in library and information science and is a collection assessment librarian at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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2011 RPCVHI Team Leadership Workshop

Lynn Graybeal, Niger 1981-83, is a leadership counselor, who graciously conducted a workshop with the new 2011 RPCVHI Board of Directors on June 11 and 18, 2011.  Workshop was held at the Banyan Tree Plaza community room, courtesy of R. Casey.

Participating Board members (l. to r.) are Gene Ward, Kimberly Biggs, Don Romero, Linda Chock, David Newstead, Corie Tanida, and Alex Kuch. Lynn reinforced methods for the board to work as a team with respect and a cooperative spirit as we articulate the organization's vision, expectations, and objectives and reach out to our members.

Photos by Rosemary Casey and Linda Chock.

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