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Bring the World Home


RPCVs Richard and Ann Port: Ghana, 1961-62

From 2002-2010 Bring the World Home was a weekly 30 minute program airing on Community Access TV Time Warner Channel 53 to residents on Oahu, Hawaii. Shows were also featured on OleloNet for several months, and also on YouTube. Bring the World Home was a production of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawai'i.

Past episodes are available on the RPCVHI YouTube Channel.

2009 - 10th Annual `Olelo Video Excellence Award Culture & Ethnic Program, Producer Linda Chock

2007 - 8th Annual `Olelo Video Award Culture & Ethnic Program, Producer Linda Chock

2004 - The Loret Miller Ruppe Award for Outstanding Community Service, National Peace Corps Association

40 Country Episodes: Albania, Armenia, Belize, Bolivia (2), Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Ecuador (2), Gabon (3), Ghana (2), Guatemala (2), Honduras (2), Jamaica (2), Kazakhstan (2), Kiribati, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho (4), Liberia (2), Malawi, Malaysia (2), Mali (2), Mariana Is. (2), Micronesia (Yap), Morocco (3), Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Panama (2), Paraguay, Philippines (5), Poland, Russia, Samoa (4), Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands (3), Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Thailand (3), Tonga (2), Vanuatu, and Venezuela.

Our Production
Bring the World Home is designed to fulfill the third goal of the Peace Corps, to educate Americans about the other countries in which volunteers have served. Volunteers are interviewed about their service abroad, describing the people, culture, life overseas, working conditions, the work accomplished and how these experiences have changed them.

Each show requires assistance from up to 10 volunteers who comprise the production team, approximately 80 hours of volunteer time are required per taping. The project is in its 8th year of production, since its conception in 2002 more than 77 episodes (37 hours) have aired involving the dedication of more than 1000 volunteer hours. Each program airs a minimum of 4 times, and as many as 8 if used to fill alternative time slots.

Production tapings are generally at the Mapunapuna Station of 'Olelo Community Television.

If you would like to participate as a crew or invited guest, contact
Linda Chock.

Hosts: Chip Uehara-Tilton, Kimberly Biggs, Jim Carr, Rosemary Casey, Linda Chock, Doug Long, Rich Pezzulo, Mary Roblee, Joe Zuiker, Deborah Ball, Betty Compton
Doug Long (2002-2003), Mary Roblee (2003-2005), Linda Chock (2005-2010)
Bonnie Murakami, Doug Long

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection: Oral History Interviews
An Inventory of Interviews at the John F. Kennedy Library National Archives and Records Administration

Episode Archive
Date Aired
   81  December Dwight Ovitt
 1967-69  Mariana Isl
 Pacific  Kimberly Biggs
  80  November Michael Schmicker
 1969-72  Thailand  SE Asia
 Rosemary Casey
  79  October Gregory Knudsen
 1974-76  Chuck, FSM
 Pacific  Linda Chock
  78  August Eugene Dashiell
 1963-65  Bangladesh  SE Asia
Chip Uehara-Tilton
77 June Richard and Ann Port 1961-63 Ghana Africa Rosemary Casey

76 April
Hugh Story 1999-01
Kazakhstan E. Europe Chip Uehara-Tilton

75 February Alexandre Remnek 1994-96 Thailand Asia Linda Chock

74 January
Richard Fassler 1965-68 Thailand Asia Rosemary Casey

73 December
Misty Pacheco 2007-09 Kenya Africa Kimberly Biggs

72 October
Kent Anderson
Tonga Pacific Chip Uehara-Tilton

71 August Frank Lavoie
E. Europe Chip Uehara-Tilton

70 June
Darin Olson
Pacific Kimberly Biggs

69 April
Jason Gilbert
Solomon Isl Pacific Rich Pezzulo

68 February
Chris Borden
C. America Kimberly Biggs
 January Olin Lagon (Kanu)
 2000-02 Kanu Hawaii
 Volunteerism Chip Uehara-Tilton
View 66 December Jesus Puerto
1998-02 Samoa Pacific Kimberly Biggs
View 65 October
Zachary McNish 2003-08 Panama C. America Chip Uehara-Tilton
View 64 September
Phil Olsen - Administrator
1964-66 Philippines Asia Chip Uehara-Tilton
View 63 August Phil Olsen - Volunteer
1962-64 Philippines Asia Joe Zuiker
View 62 June
Paul & Jane Heimerdinger 1997-99 Yap, FSM
Pacific Linda Chock
View 61 May
Cate Waidyatilleka 1984-86 Sri Lanka Asia Rich Pezzulo
View 60 April Ed "Mickey" Knox 2005-07 Philippines Asia Chip Uehara-Tilton
View 59 February
Zachary McNish 1999-02 Panama S. America Chip Uehara-Tilton
  58 January
Kimberly Biggs 1986-88 Honduras S. America Linda Chock
 View 57 December Dan & Lee Curran 1988-90 Nepal Asia Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 56 November Susanne Letoto 1995-97 Ecuador S. America Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 55 October Colm O'Carroll 2000-02 Bolivia S. America Joe Zuiker
 View 54 September Sam Lemmo 1986-88 Philippines Asia Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 53 August Willis Moore 1962-64 Bolivia S. America Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 52 June David Wallace 1997-99 Kazakhstan E. Europe Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 51 May
Sara Lightner
Pacific Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 50 April Herd Boys - Lesotho Africa Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 49 February
Rosemary Casey 2003-05 PC Recruiter Pacific Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 48 January
Joe Shannon 2003-05 Jamaica Caribbean
Chip Uehara-Tilton
  View 47 December Carrie Monahan 2004-06 Morocco N. Africa Linda Chock
  View 46 October Anne O'Connor 2002-04 Samoa Pacific Jim Carr
  View 45 September Rosemary Casey 1969-71 Marianas, FSM
Pacific Chip Uehara-Tilton
  View 44 August Ted Padova 1966-68 Venezuela S. America Chip Uehara-Tilton
  View 43 June
Matthew Johnson 2003-05 Philippines Asia Chip Uehara-Tilton
  View 42 May Sharon Langford 1966-69 Malawi Africa Chip Uehara-Tilton
  View 41 April James Hollyer 1981-83 Samoa Pacific Chip Uehara-Tilton
  View 40 March Michelle Andrews 1995-97 Poland E. Europe Linda Chock
 View 39 February Lori Sebatani 1967-70 Lesotho Africa Doug Long
 View 38 January Doug Long - Part 2 2003-05 Lesotho Africa Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 37 December Doug Long - Part 1
2003-05 Lesotho Africa Linda Chock
 View 36 November Nancy Heinrich
1978-79 Liberia Africa Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 35 October Sara Yap
2003-05 Morocco Africa Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 34 September Hester Kamin
PC Applicant
Jim Carr
 View 33 August Christiane Connors 2003-05 Gabon Africa Mary Roblee
 View 32 July Olin Lagon 2000-02 Russia E. Europe Mary Roblee
May Jim Carr, Mary Roblee,
Richard Pezzulo
Group Round Table
  30 April Richard Pezzulo 1982-84 Solomon Isl Pacific Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 29 March Michelle Dolan 2000-01 Kyrgyzstan E. Europe Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 28 February Ann Hartman 1991-93 Bulgaria Europe Gerry Jobes
 View 27 January Jen Graf 1996-98 Ecuador C. America Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 26 December Barbara George 1998-01 Honduras C. America Chip Uehara-Tilton
View 25 November Joseph Zuiker 1965-67 Dominican Rep Caribbean Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 24 October Craig Clouet 1975-76
Sierra Leone Africa Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 23 September Jim Carr 1973-76 Solomon Is. Pacific Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 22 August Vincent Costello 1978-80 Liberia Africa Mary Roblee
 View 21 July Orlo Steele 1989-93 Guatemala C. America Linda Chock
20 June Summer Austin 1999-01 Jamaica Caribbean Linda Chock
19 May Michael Thomas 1989-93 Tonga Pacific Chip Uehara-Tilton
View 18 April David Ringuette 1990-92 Morocco Africa Mary Roblee
View 17 March Gerry Jobes 1982-84 Gabon Africa Chip Tilton
16 February John Southworth 1963-64 Malaysia Asia Deborah Ball
15 January Fred Blake &
Linda Chock
1966-68 Agrigan Isl, Marianas, FSM Pacific Chip Tilton
14 December Dan Walker 1995-98 Paraguay S. America Mary Roblee
13 November Lyanne Iwamoto 1994-96 Belize C. America Chip Uehara-Tilton
View 12 October Moon Yun Choi 1995-98 Mali Africa Betty Compton
11 September Shawn Barnes 2000-03 Samoa Pacific Deborah Ball
 View 10 August Steven Chang 2000-02 Mali Africa Doug Long
 View 9 July Marilou Marcelo 1999-01 Ghana Africa Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 8 June Zavi Brees-Saunders 1996-97 Albania Europe Doug Long
View 7 May Pat & Jack Kuehn 1991-93 Gabon Africa Doug Long
 View 6 April Glecy De Leon 2000-02 Guatemala C. America Doug Long
 View 5 March Deborah Ball 1992-94 Niger Africa Doug Long
 View 4 February Chip Uehara-Tilton 1966-68 Malaysia Asia Deborah Ball
3 January Ted Cordova 1991-94 Thailand Asia Chip Uehara-Tilton
 View 2 December Suzanne Acord 1998-00 Micronesia Pacific Deborah Ball
 View 1 November Doug Long 1990-92 Swaziland Africa Deborah Ball

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